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By Ms Baker


In May, I appeared on a panel at the New York Academy of Sciences’ event, The Two Cultures in the 21st Century.  The all-day event, created by Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum, was inspired by the 50th anniversary of C.P. Snow’s lecture of the same name.  In his lecture, Snow lamented the great divide between science and the humanities.  The NYAS event included such notable scientists as E.O. Wilson (keynote speaker), Carl Zimmer, Kenneth Miller, and Stuart Pimm.

I presented on a panel in the afternoon on the topic of education and how it can be used to help bridge the Two Cultures divide.  As part of my presentation, I showed a video of several of my students to the great delight of the entire audience.  A video of the education panel discussion can be viewed here.  If you only want to watch the part where the students’ video is played, fast forward to time 6:30.

You can read a summary of the education discussion as well as the other event discussions by going here and clicking on the “Meeting Report tab”.


Science Education and Citizenship Panel

  • Martin

    I think Leavis had something to say too as far as my current understanding takes me. I thank Dr. Sagen for presenting science to me when he did. The top American academic institutions encourage importation of overseas science students and look down their nose at homegrown talent! Thanks for all of your efforts on the panel. I am going to cheek out Viewpoint Learning and also those artistic efforts mentioned in the powerpoint.

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