Introducing the Science Online Students – Michael

By Ms Baker

In January, eight Extreme Biology students will travel to Science Online 2011, an international conference where scientists, educators, journalists, and students come together to discuss the way the web is changing science and science education.  Ms. Baker has interviewed each of the students.  This is the first in the series.

Tell us a little about yourself. What are your interests? Hobbies? Plans for the future?

My name is Michael. I have always had an interest in the sciences, Biology being one of my favorite subjects. I guess you could call me a Science/English person because Science/Math person wouldn’t accurately describe me. Some of my hobbies include playing guitar (or my rendition of guitar), designing web pages (basic ones but you have to start somewhere), and blogging/social networking. I also enjoy public speaking and attend many Model United Nations Conferences, including one in Philadelphia, one in China, and hopefully one in Dubai this summer. My plans for the future right now aren’t very clear. I have an interest in Marine Biology and would love to pursue a career in that, but on the other hand I love to debate. My family always tells me I’m going to become a politician.

 What interests you about Science Online?

Science Online is perfect for me because I love science and I love the internet. And when you have a conference with both, I wouldn’t miss it. The conference is a great way to spread ideas and get to know many important people in the science community. Listening to others’ ideas is the best way to develop your own ideas by hearing all the facts. Also, because I love marine biology, I am looking forward to meeting some marine biologists to get opinions and ideas from. And you never know when you might meet somebody that could change your perspective and maybe even change your career choice.

You’re going to be presenting at the conference. Tell us what you plan to share with the audience. What do you hope the audience shares with you?

I want to share the importance of Vlogs. A Vlog is basically a blog that is recorded with video. The same basic idea is used when making a Vlog as in when making a blog. Vlogs are extremely useful in the same ways that blogs are, they get ideas around quickly and efficiently. I believe that Vlogs could be even more useful than blogs  because you can basically carry a video camera anywhere and easily and quickly capture wherever you are, whereas you cannot do the same with a written blog. A Vlog that I have seen before that the Science Channel puts out is Nerdabout. It is just somebody with a camera video taping people telling the world what they are a nerd about. Some examples are drum nerd, heavy metal nerd and dog nerd. There are also other Vlogs that Nerdabout has and they show people doing something they love or enjoy. A few examples of those kinds of videos are their Mythbusters Reveal video, where the crew of Mythbusters discussed what they were a nerd about, and there is also some about photography and art. So as you can see Vlogs are very useful in sharing things.

I hope the audience will understand the usefulness of Vlogs and help think up ideas for more Vlogs and maybe even try it themselves.

Who are you excited about meeting at Science Online? What do you hope to get from the experience?

Well, I am excited about meeting two people in particular, Kevin Zelnio and David Shiffman. Why? They are both marine biologists. I think it would be great to talk to somebody in the field I want to be in and really get to know what it’s like. I met David Shiffman last year and had the chance to interview him in person.  This year, I interviewed Kevin Zelnio online and I look forward to talking to him in person.  Besides the marine biologists I want to meet, I really just want to meet as many people as possible and really absorb as much as I can from everyone.  Overall I am so excited to go back to Science Online and I am looking forward to it!


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    See you soon, Mike!

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