Introducing the Science Online Students – Jack

By Ms Baker

In January, eight Extreme Biology students will travel to Science Online 2011, an international conference where scientists, educators, journalists, and students come together to discuss the way the web is changing science and science education.  Ms. Baker has interviewed each of the students.  This is the third in the series.

Xeporad, a game series created by Jack

Tell us a little about yourself. What are your interests? Hobbies? Plans for the future?

I’ve always been interested in computers and that interest has led me to my constant need to make programs to do all sorts of things. I have multiple flash game projects that I’ve been working on along with my new project to design a tumblr theme. I also play the piano and write music, some of which I create for my projects. Although I spend a decent amount of time at the computer, I still enjoy hanging out with friends, and also snowboard in the winter. As for my plans for the future, I have short term and long term goals. For the short term, I’m hoping to release a few games in the next year, but the amount depends on my workload from school. I also don’t want to spend all day every day in front of a computer. Keeping my grades up is pretty important for my long term goal (and more or less dream) of eventually going to MIT.

What interests you about Science Online?

I’ve always known how important the internet is to scientific developments and discoveries, and Science Online is a place that allows people to explain how to push the limits of the internet to achieve greater things. The world wide database of information gives most anyone the ability to find information on almost anything thinkable. Though some knowledge is still unaccessable, what exists online already is enough to allow scientists to get the information they need in an instant. There’s also the ability to collaberate and cooperate instantly over the internet. Even further, the internet is the perfect place to distribute discoveries so they can spread over blogs and networks to make the science more known. I’m interested in Science Online because I’m interested in meeting and talking with the people who want to make the internet a fountain of scientific knowledge.

You’re going to be presenting at the conference. Tell us what you plan to share with the audience. What do you hope the audience shares with you?

I’m hoping to show the audience that there are students out there who also want to participate in this online scientific revolution. I’m hoping to show them how I’m active in learning about and spreading science, and therefore ways that they can do the same. Of course, I’m also hoping to learn even more ways to be able to be a part of science in the making, along with scientific things I can use to further my knowledge of the everyday things that I do.

Who are you excited about meeting at Science Online? What do you hope to get from the experience?

Honestly, I’m exited about meeting everyone at Science Online.  Everyone has a story to share, a creation to show, or just a reason to be there, and therefore I can learn something from everyone who goes.


  • mcshanahan

    “Everyone has a story to share, a creation to show, or just a reason to be there, and therefore I can learn something from everyone who goes.” Awesome perspective on the conference. I totally feel the same way about it. See you there!

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