Extreme Biology Students to Write for Nature!

By Ms Baker

I have some really exciting news!  Four of my students have been chosen to write for the educational wing of Nature Publishing Group – Nature Education.  What is Nature?  It’s the world’s most well-recognized science journal.  Every scientist dreams of publishing their work in Nature.  The discovery of the structure of DNA, the proton and neutron of the atom, the ozone layer, and cloning in Dolly the sheep were all first reported in Nature.  Nature is to science what Sports Illustrated is to sports and Vogue is to fashion.

These four students are the first high school students in the world to be given this opportunity.  They will have their own blogs and write on the Nature SciTable website!!!

Leyla and Sabrina will write about new advances in medicine on their blog, “MedSci Discoveries”.

Samantha will write about environmental and ecological news on her own blog, “Green Science”.

Naseem will write about how science relates to everyday life on her own blog, “Our Science”

CONGRATULATIONS to these four amazing students for this achievement!  I will post more information about each of their blogs once they go live sometime in the next few months.


  • Khalil A.

    Looking forward to this!

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