Sponges, Anemones, & Cuttlefish, Oh My! What Animal Phylum is Best?

By Ms Baker

Cute Cuttlefish! Photo source: Frank Peters

I left out Phylum Chordata.  I want everyone to become more familiar with animals you’ve never heard of before!

After you vote in the poll, find your own video of your favorite phylum to post!  Only ONE COMMENT per student please.  When commenting, add the link to the video and DESCRIBE TWO characteristics that define members of this phylum.  Comments with just video clips alone will be disregarded!  Have fun!  GO CUTTLEFISH!

  • http://extremebiology.net/blog Ms Baker

    Here’s my cuttlefish video. Cuttlefish belong to the phylum Mollusca. They have a mantle which is involved in breathing and excretion and are considered extremely intelligent invertebrates. They communicate with each other by changing their skin color. Just check out this breathtaking video!!!


  • Anonymous

    Hey Ms. baker. Heres an adult female jumping spider video. The jumping spider belongs to the phylum arthropoda. They are 75% of all animals in the world. They also have 4 subdivisions in this phylum: Crustations, arachnids, insects and millipedes.


  • Anonymous

    My favorite phyla is Cnidaria, because their life cycles have always intigued me. (E.G. a certain kind of jellyfish can alternate between a polyp and a medusa and theoretically live forever)
    Two characteristics of this phylum are stinging tentacles, Radial symettry, nerve network.


  • Anonymous

    I agree with Ms.Baker, mollusca are my favorite because epecially octopus are so intelligent, I found a video of an octopus opening a vending machine toy container to get a crab. The author of the video even posts in the info that he did it before and the octopus took a day to open it, but this time it took only a minute, showing the great memory and intellignece of octopii.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite phylum is Arthropoda for two reasons. First, they make up 75% of the animals in the world and because it includes the crustaceans. The crustaceans are one of the four subgroups of phylum Arthropoda. The other three are arachnids, insects, and millipedes. Crustaceans include barnacles. Except in the food chain, a barnacle is anything but useful. Since ancient times, they have been a nightmare for boat owners. I find them fascinating because of how they attached themselves to ships and forced them to be careened to get rid of the barnacles. This video is of some barnacles feeding on plankton.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite phylum is Porifera. They possess unique flagellated cells – choanocytes – that create water flow through a water current system. And their body support (“skeleton”) provided by spicules composed of calcium carbonate or silicon


  • Anonymous

    Hello! My favorite phylum is the Echinodermata phylum because as a child I always thought that starfish were so fascinating. Other members of this phylum are sea urchins and sea cucumbers. Some characteristics of this phylum are radial symmetry, an endoskeleton (a spine on top of the surface covered with a layer of skin), and tube feet that help feed and restore. In Addition another characteristic is that they have water vascular systems which is a system filled with water canals. Water vascular systems also help movement.


  • Deirdre

    My favorite Phylum is Echinodermata mostly because of their interesting skin system, and water vascular system. I researched types of Echinodermata and came up with the type called a feather star. Feather stars can crawl, roll, walk, and swim but usually cling to sponges or corals. The video I have found is of a feather star swimming in a tank.



  • http://extremebiology.net/blog Ms Baker

    Great video! Give one more characteristic of mollusks besides intelligence.

  • http://extremebiology.net/blog Ms Baker

    Another great video Dawood! But, I can only accept one comment per person for this post. That’s to make sure everyone gets a chance to post a really great video.

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