Dialysis Bag Diffusion Lab

By Ms Baker


Students, go HERE to see your results. Everyone did such a great job!!!

17 Responses to “Dialysis Bag Diffusion Lab”

  1. Clay Burell Says:

    Dear Ms. Baker and Students-

    Congratulations on your nomination for best blog! Regardless of who wins, you’re already winners for embracing change and moving schooling into this century.

    Enjoy your science. I’m an English teacher, but often wish I’d discovered the beauties of science when I was in high school. It was too late for me to pursue a career as a scientist when I discovered its miracle-working wonders.

    All the best,


    PS. If you haven’t watched today’s world-class scientists giving 18-minute speeches on TED Talks tv, treat yourself. They’re amazing!

    (Oh, and thank you for the link:)

  2. Alex Says:

    I really enjoyed the lab today and it was interesting to see or pictures. I was wondering about the air bubbles. In the directions it instructed us to squeeze out the air bubbles and I was wondering what they actually did? I was also wondering what the difference in the results would be, if one tube had a lot of air and another tube had very little air? Does anybody think they have an answer?

  3. Hank Says:

    Thanks for the post Mr. Burell, it really means a lot to our class when people that we have never met before comment on our blog!

  4. Matt Says:

    Mr Burell, I really appreciate the time you put into your comment and on our blog. We all really appreciate your time and effort. Thank you very much!

  5. Matt Says:

    This lab really helped me understand the concept of membranes and cells better. It rreally helps me to be able to visually see it and be able to touch it as opposed to just loooking at a picture. Now that it is done I see what the purpose was.

  6. Jennifer M Says:

    THank you so much Mr.Burell for comenting on our blog! It’s really nice to hear back from the visitors! Can i ask you a question? how did you find our blog, was it by accident or did you hear about it, or find it on google? Thanks again for commenting, it means alot that you would take time to write down your thought for us!

  7. Jennifer M Says:

    This lab was really good for me, because i missed school when you where teaching this in class i understood more about the diffusion, cells, and membranes. As matt said , it was nice to be able to visually see it with the experiment. :)

  8. ali Says:

    Thankyou very much Mr. Burell it’s really cool to see the blog reach not only our class but various people everywhere. It also helps to know the posts we make are not only for us but everyone!

  9. Lacey Says:

    I like this lab miss baker, but what i liked even more was seeing the results online! :) I liked seeing how other peoples lab turned out, and comparing it with mine!

    PS: Thanks mr. Burell for the motivation and encouragement! :)

  10. Sydni Peterson Says:

    that was the best lad ever! i had a great time. it really helped me understand what we were learning in class. i was having some trouble but now i understand perfectly. i cant wait for the next lab, whats it going to be?

  11. Sallly Says:

    I really enjoyed this lab too. It did really help me understand the concept of diffusin, osmosis, and just everything we are going over right now. If you guys haven’t already, I added the definition of diffusion on to the wiki glossary.

  12. stephen d Says:

    This was a very interesting lab, it was fun and it really helped me to learn more about diffusion. Thank you Mr. Burell for writing on our blog and thank you for everyone else looking and commenting on our blog.

  13. Kat J. Says:

    Like Matt said, this really helped me. I now understand that small molecules can make it through while large molecules can’t. I am not understanding the polars though. Can someone help me?

  14. sebastiana Says:

    I think that lab was pretty interesting yesterday and I was happy that we could see our results from our computer. I think working on the lab help me understand this better and now I can tell others about it.

  15. sebastiana Says:

    Thank you Mr. Burell for taking your time and writing a comment back it means alot to us. Its nice to see that people are taking the the time out of there day to see these post and respond back.

  16. Monica Says:

    This has been my favorite lab so far. I love it when we do labs because its helps me to understand things so much better. I bet that if we had not done this lab, I would still be wondering what the concept of diffusion is. I was really surprised at the lad results when I look at the pictures! I didn’t think that if would turn out this way. And thank you Mr. Burell for commenting on our blog!

  17. Andy Says:

    Thanks Mr. Burell for the post you wrote. Its awesome how many from around the world come to our blog and comment on all of our posts that we put up. Its amazing what the internet can do and how it connects people from what seems two opposite worlds. Also the lab we did was a lot of fun, Ms. Baker.

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