Will You Leave a Comment? ;)

By Ms Baker

Dear Visitors,

We’ve had so many visitors to our blog because of the Edublog award nomination. The biology students and I are so excited!

Would you please take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself? Also, the students have written some questions they’d like you to answer. If you can, would you answer one?

Thank you so much for visiting!

Ms. Baker

  • Lacey: There are several blogs nominated in many different categories. What made you decide to come and look at our blog?
  • Ali: What do you think about our blog?
  • Sally: Has our blog helped you in anyway? Or interested you?
  • Brantley: What do you think we can do to make our blog even better?
  • Charlotte: What was your favorite post?

52 Responses to “Will You Leave a Comment? ;)

  1. jake Says:HEY VISITORS! Thanks for visiting our blog! If you have any educational blogs of you own please provide a link.
  2. Sallly Says:

    Hey visitors!

    It would be amazing if you would like to leave something about yourselves!

    We all are so excited to know that so many people are viewing our website. Please feel free to comment anytime :]

  3. Leonard Low Says:

    Dear class,

    This is the coolest and most inspirational blog I’ve visited (so far!) from the Edublog Awards. Why, you might ask?

    Well, it’s because your blog isn’t written by a teacher or a principal about their students, like most of the other blogs. It’s not about “how to get” students to create a blog, and what they *could* do if they did. Instead, it’s written *by* students, and it looks like you’re all having lots of fun and learning an enormous amount!

    Lacey: I visited your blog because I’m a fellow-finalist, in the category “Best Individual Blog” (my blog is “Mobile Learning”). I’m in the process of going through every single blog that’s been nominated this year, to find new ideas – even though I’m not at school anymore, I’m still definitely learning, every day! Have you looked at any of the other nominated blogs?

    Ali: As I said, your blog is my favourite one so far! What you’re doing here is what people like myself, who support teachers, would love many other teachers to try out with their own classes! Do you think this is a good activity to try with students in different subjects?

    Sally: The way your blog helps me is by providing an example of what fantastic work students can create using blogs. I can now show your blog to other teachers (who’ve never let their classes start a blog), and get them excited about having their students post their ideas and discoveries online. Not only does your blog interest me – I know it will interest a great many other people who I help every day! How has blogging helped you? :)

    Brantley: There are sooo many posts in your blog, so you may already be doing this… but have you ever thought about using your mobile phone cameras to make little videos of some of your experiments, or observations, and posting them in your blog? Sometimes having different media in your blog can make it come alive!

    Charlotte: I’ve found lots of excellent posts. I used to love science when I was at school – I was a “Gold Member” of an Australia-wide science club called “Double Helix” from the time I was 12 until I left school, and many of the posts in your blog remind me of how much I enjoyed science classes! BUt one post I’ve found very relevant is this one, on water conservation: http://missbakersbiologyclass.com/blog/2007/10/07/imagine-turning-the-faucetand-nothing-coming-out/ . This is a particularly relevant post because here in Australia we’re also under tight water restrictions. Last summer, things got so bad we weren’t allowed to use water for anything but the absolute essentials of washing (selves and dishes – not cars!) and drinking! Do you have a favourite post from one of your fellow-students?

    My blog is about using “mobile devices” – things like iPods, mobile phones, and PDAs to make learning more fun, effective and convenient. It’s really meant for teachers, but you might still find some interesting posts. :) Come and visit, if you like, at http://mlearning.edublogs.org !

  4. cindy gomez Says:I visited your blog so I could see how great your teacher is (my Cousin, Miss Stacy Baker!). I stayed and read some of your blog and learned a lot. I even want to adopt an Aye-aye! Good luck with the contest!
  5. Lacey Says:

    Lenard Low- I have not looked at any other nominated blogs yet, but i will start looking and seeing what else is out there!

  6. Will Says:

    Mr. Low,

    I do think that it would be a good idea to have a blog in other subjects if you have the right teacher. Miss Baker puts a lot of time into the blog and works really hard to make sure it is educational, but fun too. If there are teachers out there who are willing to put the time and effort into making a student blog, then I say go for it! Also, my favorite post would have to be the one you mentioned, Turning the Faucet On and Nothing Coming Out. There was just a follow-up article that was posted about sending water downstream to save mussles. These two just really helped me understand the water crisis in Georgia, specifically in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

  7. Rachel S Says:

    Hey visitors :)

    I really liked Lenord Low’s idea of making videos of our experiments and posting them to make the site even more interesting. We should do that for our next lab!

  8. connor Says:Hey visitors! Thank you for coming to look at our blog. If you can please leave comments on other blogs as well. We would like as much input as possible! thanks again. (P.S. take a look at the “humans, the silent killer” blog post! its awesome!)
  9. Katie O. Says:

    Leonard Low, in response to your question, “Do you think this is a good activity to try with students in different subjects?”…YES, YES, and YES. I absolutely love doing this science blog. I have learned so much that I normally wouldn’t have thought about. However, it might be difficult to do a math blog…

    Also…Nice blog Leonard Low

  10. Blake Says:

    Thanks for posting. Its cool for us the students to see that other people are interested in the hard work that we have been doing being involved in this blog. Leonard, I visited your blog and i liked it a lot. Im really into electronics and stuff like that. I really liked the post about the mobile phones and the 3D advertising. Im glad you visited and commented on our blog, please visit again and leave more comments if you have the time. Miss Baker, the other students, and I really appreciate it.

  11. Kt Says:

    Hola all guests to our page!!! We all really hope you like our blog, which our teacher Miss Baker and my fellow students have worked so hard on. Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog and, hopefully ;) , commenting!!! Don’t forget to tell us about your own blogs so we can visit them in return!!!

  12. maryclaire Says:I visited the blog about using different mobile devices & it seems like Mr. Leonard Low knows a ton about various electronics!Future visitors, please comment! : )
  13. Charlotte Says:

    Yes, Mr. Low I do have a couple of favorite blogs because i definatly couldn’t just pick one. My personal favorites are the ones about animals and the ones who are in danger of becoming extinct. I think it is a very crucal problem that most people over look because they are just animals, but really with out animals we would not have food, clothing, scenery, and we would lose a great deal of biodiversity.

  14. Miss Baker Says:

    Visitors over the last few hours:

    Seaford, Delaware

    Casa Grande, Arizona

    Provo, Utah

    Plainfield, Illinois

    Zama, Kanagawa (Japan)

    San Francisco, California

    Mollongghip, Victoria

    Lisbon, Lisboa (Portugal)

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Rhus, Arhus (Denmark)

    Canberra, Australian Territory

    San Jose, California

    Republic of Korea

    Wichita, Kansas

    Sassenheim, Zuid-Holland (Netherlands)

    Greenville, Texas

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Goshen, Indiana

    Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

    Chardon, Ohio

    Buffalo, New York

    Saint Paul, Minnesota

  15. Meredith Says:

    Wow! Our blog really is getting a lot of new visiters. Its really exited and im glad their looking at it and answering questions! There is a lot of cool countries on that list! For all the visitors that have commented thanks! And if your visiting now leave a commment and tell us about yourself! :)

  16. Steph Says:

    WOW!!! That’s amazing that people from that many places are visiting our blog!. To answer Mr. Low’s question, I think it would be an amazing idea to have blogs like this in other subjects. It might be a little hard to do for a math class, but it might work for everything else! I try hard to keep this blog in the back of my mind because I hope to become a teacher some day and I think it is a great way to connect with the students through the technology they are surrounded with.

  17. Alex Says:

    Thanks for visiting our blog Mr. Low and I appreaciate the compliments you have given the blog. I looked at your blog and it looks really well done. I liked the topics you talked about like the rival computers. I hope you continue to visit our blog and please I wouldn’t mind getting and reccomnedations from you about the blog if you have any advice. Thanks for the link to your blog.

  18. Ben Says:

    I had a question for our visitors.

    What are other great blogs we can go to?

  19. Steven T Says:Hey visitors! i hope you like our blog and thanks for answering our questions. i have another though.WHat about the individual posts do you think is most important?
  20. Roswell, GA Says:

    Gee whiz – how much fun school must be now

  21. ali Says:

    Mr. Low thankyou very much! Yeah I think it would be a great idea to have for other subjects! Its an interactive way to actually get involved in what we’re learning about outside of the classroom.

  22. Matt Says:

    Mr. Low, you mentioned you were under tight water restrictions in Australia. We are under very tight water restrictions as well here in Georgia. We have been experiencing a terrible drought for the past six months. The drought has really taken a toll on our major lake, Lake Lanier, and we have been restricted to no outside watering. Can you tell us more about your low water issues and what is happening down in Australia?

  23. _Jennifer P._ Says:

    This is really great that our blog is getting so many visitors! Mr. Low thank you for all the great idea! i especially like the idea about making our class experiments into videos and posting them. In that way many students ad other various visitors can understand what we learn much easier.Also if someone misses a lab day they can just go on the website! It is so cool that we have so many people from all around the world visiting the blog it really encourages me and im sure im not the only student.

    Thank you so much to all the visitors. Hope to hear much from you soon!

  24. Kristen Says:i never knew that our blog could reach THAT many states and other countries. and that people are very intrested in what we have to say and what we think. visitor please comment :)
  25. Sallly Says:

    Wow, thank you so much for replying to our questions and commenting!

    I think blogs help me most because we mainly post blogs about things WE are interested in, so we get to learn about our peers’ interests, and learn TONS from them. I see this blog as a way of communicationand learning. I think that’s awesome that you find this blog interesting..

    again, thank you so much for your reply!

  26. Kimberly McCollum Says:

    Thank you for this blog! I’m a PhD student in Utah (though I’m from Maryland) and I found this blog in the list of nominees. To answer your questions:

    Lacey: One reason why I wanted to look at this blog because I love biology. (I used to be a high school biology teacher). Another reason I visited this blog was because in my current job, I help teach future teachers how to “Teach with Technology” and I’m looking for good examples of science teachers using technology with their classes.

    Ali: I think your blog is great. What I like most is seeing your enthusiasm for science.

    Sally: This blog will really help me next semester when I teach a section of future science teachers about the benefits of blogging in a science classroom.

    Brantley: What you are doing is already pretty amazing, but I think it would be even more interesting if you or your classmates used this site to share some data that you’ve collected. I studied Forestry and Wildlife as an undergraduate and I’d love to hear more about the wildlife and habitat around where you live. You could start really simple. One of the my favorite studies that I did in college involved doing a regular count of the squirrels I saw on campus. It’s amazing what you can learn, just paying attention to what’s around you.

    Charlotte: It’s hard to pick a favorite post, but I really liked the comments on the post about your favorite biology books/movies.

  27. Pebbles Says:


    This is one of the blurbers here checking out your site. My teacher’s blog, the tempered radical, is also in the competion for the best teachers blog. Your blog definitly has some good posts, but nothing compared to the blurb and the tempered radical! ;>)

    Come check out our class site at


    Leave us a comment and share your thinking!

    Good luck ya’ll,


    (internet safety!!!) :>)

  28. Brantley Says:

    Kimberly McCollum,

    That sounds like a really fun and interesting idea! Miss Baker got me intersted in birds in our area. I think it would be fun to do a regular bird count!

  29. Javier Loscos Says:

    Hello everybody!

    I am a Spanish Economics teacher at Madrid UCM University. I’m new at the blogsphere and get to your blog by the news about Edublogs Awards (some friends of mine are nomitated in other cathegory: you can meet them at http://www.tinglado.net/ I’ts in Spanish, but they have very good stuff for your French & Maths classes, among other subjects).

    I’ll try to answer your questions:

    Lacey: There are several blogs nominated in many different categories. What made you decide to come and look at our blog?

    One comment by Miss Baker at the Edublogs Award site, about the good work and enthusiasm by her students

    Ali: What do you think about our blog?

    As a newcomer, it seems to me a really good and participative one.

    Sally: Has our blog helped you in anyway? Or interested you?

    Of course it has interested me. I was very fond of Sciences when I was at school, and I have maintained my interest, though I work on a quite different field (Economics).

    Brantley: What do you think we can do to make our blog even better?

    Have you considered the posibility of including podcasts? Could be useful to:

    - Include animal / natural sounds, audio interviews with scientist, etc.

    - Improve accesibility for blind people,

    - etc.

    I havent´t tried yet, but my friends at “El tinglado” (their address`above mentioned) do: hence their good staff on French, for instance.

    Another good (though a bit old) link is:


    Charlotte: What was your favorite post?

    I’ve enjoyed very much the “blue eyes” and the one about “Humans, the silent killer”, but I think my favourite is the post about mussels. It poses a public policy dilemma I`ll probably could use in my own Economics classes.

    Thank you all, good luck at the contest, and keep blogging!

  30. Leonard Low Says:

    Wow! Thank you to all of you who replied to my comment with your thoughts and answers, and special thanks to those of you who took the trouble to come and visit my blog too – that’s very kind of you. :)

    One of the terrific aspects of your blog, which Sally mentioned in her reply, is that it lets you investigate and share your own interests and ideas with each other. For example, it’s fantastic to learn that Charlotte is interested in protecting animals, and Will and Matt are interested in water conservation – which, as I mentioned, is really becoming an important issue in many places around the world. All your contributions to this blog are fantastic, and I hope other teachers at your school get inspired to start equally terrific blogs of their own. :)

    To answer Matt: In Australia, we’ve been experiencing some very strange weather for the last eight years. Scientist believe that our decreasing precipitation is due to a phenomenon known as “El Nino” – a change in ocean currents and atmospheric conditions to the East of the Australian continent. But climate change isn’t the only factor involved; humans have played a major role in the water shortage as well. For example, irrigation of farms in the Murray-Darling basin – once considered one of the mightiest river systems in Australia – has reduced the river’s flow in some areas to a creek-like trickle, and has tainted what remains with agricultural pollutants. and toxic algaes. Imagine parts of the mighty Mississippi reduced to a choked pond, and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about!

    There are many initiatives being put into place to tackle these problems. The government set up an official body to look after the conservation of the Murray-Darling area; and all of us are reducing our water usage in homes and businesses to save all the water we can. To make it simple, water restrictions are tiered into “levels” – the more water an area needs to conserve, the higher the level of their restrictions.

    I live in Canberra, and the highest we’ve ever been is level 4… but a major town just 40 minutes’ drive away, called Goulburn, used up all of their water last summer and reached level 5 restrictions. They literally had to have water brought to their town in tankers! Even at level 4, all water use was for drinking and basic washing only. We had to put buckets in the shower to collect “grey water” (run-off) for non-essential things like watering plants or washing pets; cleaning cars and watering gardens was strictly banned. It made life pretty difficult, but we all knew that over in Goulburn things were much worse, so we did what we could…

    Water seems like such a simple thing… but I’ll certainly never take it for granted again!

  31. Charlotte Says:

    Thank You both Mr. Locos and Miss. Collum,

    For commenting on our blog and taking the time to read our post. I know I and a lot of the other students really appreciate it. My favorite new post have been also the one about the blue eyes and the mussels I really think it is a delicate topic talking about the water right know but defiantly something that needs to be discussed. Thanks again.

  32. Blake Says:

    Wow Leonard it seems like it would be hard to adjust to using water so sparingly. Here in Georgia we are experiencing a drough and lake levels are near all time lows. The government has not done much about it other than saying that you cant water your lawn, which some people do anyway. I have some questions for you. Was it difficult to stop using water like that? How long did it take for the water levels to recover back to “normal”?? How strict was the government on the water ban? Lastly is it possible to comment on your blog? If so please instruct me on how to do so. Thank you for participating!!

  33. amanda Says:Thank you Mr. Low for taking interest in our class blog. It was interesting to read about the water situation in Australia. We don’t have as serious of watering bans here in Georgia as you did in Australia, but if things don’t get better, we probably will have to take serious action. The main problem is that a lot of the banning is not enforced. People still wash their cars and water their gardens even though they know the state we are in. It’s sad to me that they would put their “needs” above the welfare of the community.
  34. Britt Gow Says:

    Well done Miss Baker’s Biology class! I am a Science, Biology and Environmental Science teacher from SW Victoria, Australia. I am really impressed with your work and you have inspired me to create a blog for my own students next year – we start five weeks Christmas/Summer holidays soon. Our small rural school of about 260 students (prep to year 12) is involved with student environmental confrerences and sustainability programs. I’ll send you a link when we have created something special!

  35. Sallly Says:

    “Javier Loscos”: Thank you so much for your reply! I think it’s so cool that you’re even on our blog when you’re a spanish economics teacher.. Actually I think it’s so cool overall that we get to have conversations with all these different people from different places.. I’m glad that the blog has interested you in some way! I also hope that we will win the edublog award.. but even if we don’t, I think it was really great that we even got nominatedd :)

    I wish you the best of luck with your teaching and your school, please continue to visit and comment us!

  36. Meredith Says:

    Thank you to all the visitors that have been answering our questions and commenting on the blog! Mr. Low, I liked hearing about your water bans in Australia. It seems like it would be hard to adjust to! good luck on your blog Miss Gow! :)

  37. Sydni Says:

    Wow i cant believe how many visitors we have had! this is soo cool. i hope your blog goes well for you Britt Gow! it really has for our class and it is soo much fun to comment and talk with people in a new and fun way! I hope all of our visitors take someting way from our blog! thanks again for visiting us!

  38. Kristen Says:

    Mrs. Gow thank you for checking out our blog! it’s really cool to know that just an ordinary thing we do insipres you to do the same thing with out student. From my perspetive i think that the blog helps me understand whats going on in the world more and it helps me to be aware of my surroundings! i hope all goes well for you students!

  39. Blake Says:

    Britt Gow thanks for coming to our blog. I am glad that you decided to make a blog for your students. It has really taught me about some cool animals and things that are going on around the world that otherwise i would not have known about. When you make your blog make sure to send a link to us so we can comment on it. Thanks for coming and commenting its really cool to see that people from places so far away are benifiting from our hard work.

  40. Ellen Says:

    You are doing impressive work. I visited your blog and am passing it along to the many teachers with whom I work as a model of integrating technology as well as beautiful, authentic student work in online teaching and learning. Way to go!

    Thank you for sharing with students and teachers across the globe!

    Best regards,

    Ellen Paxton


  41. parker Says:

    hi im connors brother. This is my first time on the blog, and I gotta say, its pretty cool. I’ll be leaving a comment or two from now on.

  42. connor Says:

    Thanks for stoppping by to see the blog, visitors! I was wondering, is there any topic you would like to see on the blog that has not been previously discussed?

  43. Britt Gow Says:

    Hi guys!

    You are really on the ball to get back to me! How much time do you get on- line for the blog? Do you have computers in each classroom, or only in a library or computer room? At our school we have two computer labs with good internet access, but we are just starting our journey with web 2.0 applications.

    What has been the best part of studying biology with Miss Baker?

    My year 7 class enjoyed dissecting sheep’s eyes and the year 8 science class enjoyed a canoe trip to learn about water quality issues.

    Regards, Britt Gow.

  44. Matt Says:

    Thank you all so much for visiting our blog. I, as well as the rest of the students, really appreciate your time and effort you put into viewing our blog and commenting on it.

    To answer your question Britt Gow: We have done a lot of very fun labs this year. My favorite was when we measured calories in food by burning them and wieghing them before and after as well as recording the water temperatre to determine our food’s amount of calories.

  45. Miss Baker Says:

    Visitors over the last few hours…

    So Paulo, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

    Honolulu, Hawaii

    Barcelona, Cataluna (Spain)

    Green Bay, Wisconsin

    Lake Afb, Arizona

    Dubai, Dubayy (United Arab Emirates)

    Addison, Texas

    San Bernardino, California

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Boise, Idaho

    McHenry, Mississippi

    North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    Livonia, Michigan

    Williamstown, Massachusetts

    Binghamton, New York

    Brisbane, California

    Madrid, Spain

    Dieppe, New Brunswick (Canada)

    Los Angeles, California

  46. Sydni Says:Mr. Grow we have two computer labs with 20 or so computers in each. we sometimes in class get time to work on the blog but we also have to do it at home. but miss baker is soo much fun and i love her class. this project is also so much fun i am glad you enjoy our blog and please comment on any of the other stuff here too.
  47. Matt Says:

    i look above and see all these places and want to know what is going on right now in your town. PLEASE if you are visiting . leave a comment about what your hometown is like. We would love to know.;)

  48. Danny Says:

    Ms. Baker do you know if we ended up winning the Edublog thing or not? I really hope we did!

  49. ReadEZ Archive Says:

    I love reading you blog, and learning about all the different animals! Congratulations for your Edublog award nomination!

  50. Kat J. Says:

    Thankyou ReadEZ Archive! I hope that our blog has helped you! This blog is so much fun to participate in!

  51. rachel Says:

    OMG miss Baker i miss you sooooooooooo much!!!!!! How have you been? Come visit sometime, Man i miss this blog, it brings back so many memories!!

    Love always,


  52. Miss Baker Says:

    Hi Rachel! So nice to hear from you! I hope all is well. I’ve been great! I’m very happy that summer is just around the corner. You’ll be a junior next year! Wow, time flies. Are you going to take AP Biology? Keep me updated on your future plans and let me know if I can help you in any way. You can either contact me through the blog or email me at extremebiology @ gmail.com

    Take care!!!

    Miss Baker

  • http://www.sancristoballanguageschool.com/ Spanish School Mexico

    I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  • http://www.meganshoee.blogspot.com/ megan

    Water saving is the best thing we can do for our environment i have converted all my toilets to a dual flush toilet using a dual flush conversion kit. We need to save anyway we can.

  • Carolyn Hanych-Fitch

    Hello Ms. Baker,

    I was surfing the Internet looking for ideas for a student blogging project. I was pleased to find your class blog for biology, which allows students to learn about interesting articles, experiments, and events in science. I plan on incorporating a similar blogging project with “current events” in science. I posted my remarks about your student blog on my blog. http://chanych.wordpress.com/blogs/

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Teacher at Brandywine Heights SD in Berks County, PA

  • http://www.ticketslash.com Michele Martel

    Excellent information I will probably use this in my classroom for future debates. We will periodically check in for future updates
    Michele Martel
    Thanks Again

  • http://www.funnelbrain.com/ Jerry McGowan

    Dear all class folks, I am a high school student from Columbus Senior High School, Columbus, Wisconsin and a participant in the USA Biology Olympiad. I found your blog in the list of nominees of the Edoblog awards. I wish to congratulate and thank Lacey, Ali, Sally, Brantley and Charlotte for their amazing work. And most of all, because of the hardwork that you guys are putting into in creating your respective blogs. Nevertheless, i found Ali’s blog the best. By the way, why don’t you guys also check this out? Some amazing flashcards for Cell Energetics. It helped me a lot in clearing some of my fundamental doubts. Its amazing too like all your hardwork.

  • http://laanogfinans.dk Forbrugslaan

    Yes, this is very good work you have done.
    I think the blog is very well written.
    So keep up your work, it’s not bad :)

  • http://mccord22.edublogs.org/ Mary Grace McCord

    How do you find the blog articles to read?

    I like the idea that this is student ran.

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