Protected: Overprescribing: Too Much Medicine Can Kill

By Yianni

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  • victoria

    Your paper was well written. Your strengths were actually the length, and the way you wrote your blog. Your blog was a perfect length because you dont drag on, you just say what you want to say and be done with it. I think you have very well put together writing skills, and your topic was interesting because it was true, it made me realize that doctors actually do give you the more expensive way to help you, including overperscribing. Your weakneses are, in my opinion, I wanted to read more about insomnia. Because I think that is an interesting topic, something I may think I have. Your other weakness is that you should have explained why scientists failed to communicate this issue to the public, more clearly. I was not able to find much to edit, just to clean up this sentence a bit. “Americans think that pharmacies are ripping them off due to the fact that they may receive extra prescriptions.” My only advice is that I think you should write “Americans believe”, not think.
    The emotional part in your blog is, how we are never sure, or we don’t know if we are supposed to take a perscribed medicine, because taking too much medicine a day, is in fact bad for you, it can mess up your liver. Also, when some patients go to the doctor, they do not neccessarily need medicine, but some doctors do persribe them. The proximate questions are: People go to the doctors when they don’t feel well and are sick. We take medicine when we are sick to get better and alleviate the causes. The ultimate questions are: People take medicine because they want to get better and get back to normal. Your sources were pretty good. They played a good role in explaining causes, conditions, preventions, and information about sicknesses well.

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