Protected: Who Really Knows Our History?

By Danielle

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  • Andrei

    1) This a very strong blog on Evolution vs. Creationism. I like how you started it off by comparing a chimpanzee to a human, you caught my attention and made me look at the topic in a diffrent way then I usually would. The poll you included, in my opinion, is your strongest evidence/point, I mean its interesting to see how uninformed people really are. Along with that way you added your personal opinion was very good.
    2) I think that one weakness is that it seems to short. I finished reader your blog and I wanted to hear more about what evolution and creationism is in your words. Your conclusion was very breif and really didnt have an impact on me.
    3) You should add more information about evoution and creationism. “evolution doesn’t mean that we evolved from monkey or apes, which many people believe, but it’s simply saying that both humans and chimpanzees evolved from a common ancestor.” continue from here elaborating on this because it can really help you close out your blog and really inform your reader on evolution vs. creationism.. Also when you said, “After I started questioning if I believed in God, I started realizing all of these other options that people had. All of these other ideas that I may want to study and research”, what do you mean by “other options”?? you can elaborate more on that as well.
    4) You did very well adding your own personal aspect to your blog.
    5)Proximate: People think that Man developed, but God had no part in the process
    Ultimate: because they believe in evolution which is scientific and provides evidence.

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