Jack’s Experience at Science Online

By Jack

I personally thought that the conference was just an incredible experience all around. Even though the entire event was fantastic, what really got to me were the sessions about citizen science. It was cool to see how everyday people can help scientists anywhere by recording information or executing simple experiments. Places where scientists can connect to people (like scienceforcitizens.net) were presented, and I just wish I had more power to spread them.

One project that just immediately connected with me was the FoldIt project. It seemed awesome to know that by playing a game you are creating real possible proteins that may be useful for all sorts of scientific discoveries and advancements.


At the second citizen’s science presentation I went to, I was introduced to ChemSpider and Spectral Game. Too bad the content on these two sites were a few levels above my education, but knowing that there exists multiple opportunities for anyone to participate in science is incredible.  The internet really is a great tool for scientists.


Still, the most interesting experience for me at the conference was being able to present my flash project in front of what seemed to me to be a pretty big audience. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I was able to talk to people like Beth Beck.


  • http://www.chemspider.com ChemSpiderman

    Thanks for coming along to hear about Citizen Science and the projects that are out there. FoldIt is a great example. There are definitely ways for you to help out on ChemSpider if you are interested in participating in Chemistry

  • http://bethbeck.wordpress.com Beth

    My pleasure to learn from you, Jack. Can’t wait to see a little space game you design! :)

  • http://scionlineproject.blogspot.com Michael S

    I was also at Science Online 2010 and found it to be a great experience. I learned so much and met so many great people. The sessions that Jack mentioned were great! I had loads of fun at SciOnline 2010!

  • Alex

    I too was at Science Online 2010, and agree with my classmates that it was an incredible experience. I remember FoldIt from the conference, and I was wondering if it’s a reliable place to study from, or just a game to reinforce ideas or help with studying.

  • Adam

    Jack it must have been an amazing experience to go to the Science Online 2010 confrence. You must have been deeply inspired by the proffesions who presented their projects and ideas. Reading this post made me wonder not just what the future of blogging would be like, but what the future of the internet as a whole would be like. I found a YouTube video of Vint Cert, who is actually one of the co-inventors of the internet. He said in the video as technology gets better and better, internet will be able to get faster and faster. And he also mentioned that more and more devices will be internet enabled and that you can control objects through an internet network such as a microwave or a television. Click on the link below to check out the video.


  • phoenixia

    I think citizen science is great, especially when it is being used to help the environment. Through my research, I learned that an organization called Neighborhood Nest watch encourages citizens to improve their scientific literacy on the avian population in their town through research. Scientific literacy could be defined as an understanding of science content and as increased understanding of the technological world around them. Through this avian research, citizens could be better aware of their environment, help scientists, and increase the awareness of the avian population in their towns.

  • Anna

    Jack it looks like you had an amazing experience at the Science Online Conference. Just listening to your comments and watching your video on how you created these video games was very interesting. I regret not going on this trip. Also, your game was fun to play. I liked that you are able to monitor your results at the end. It made me want to keep playing to get a better score each time. I’m sure you met so many great and interesting scientists when on your trip. Meeting Beth Beck must have been really cool! Science for Citizens is a great way to get involved and help out scientists make better conclusions and evaluations. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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