Introducing the Science Online Students – Naseem

By Ms Baker

In January, eight Extreme Biology students will travel to Science Online 2011, an international conference where scientists, educators, journalists, and students come together to discuss the way the web is changing science and science education.  Ms. Baker has interviewed each of the students.  This is the fourth in the series.

Tell us a little about yourself. What are your interests? Hobbies? Plans for the future?

My name is Naseem and I’m a freshman in high school. I love science and it’s been my favorite subject since, at age 4, I asked my dad why the sky was blue. I’m an amateur pianist, an ardent reader, blogger, twitter-er, and soccer player! I really like to spend my time, when I’m not busy with school participating in my favorite hobby: photography (psyched for science/nature photography). During my spare time, I love to watch movies, play Scrabble, and do my homework. Apart from science fairs at school and the labs, I haven’t been exposed to something as ‘scientifically significant’ as Science Online. I think my whole understanding of science and its importance totally changed when my class was introduced to Extreme Biology, and helped me figure out how I personally feel on some issues that affect the world around me. That’s a really important aspect of science literacy—being able to understand what’s happening and than being skeptical about of what you hear about it. When I grow up, I want to be an anesthesiologist, a psychologist, a neurologist, or a pathologist. My future career choices used to be doctor, lawyer, politician, or CIA agent…but I feel like it’s pretty narrowed down now to just the field of medicine. In small words, I want a future full of success, and I know I’ll have to work pretty hard for it.

What interests you about Science Online?

Other than the fact that it has to do with science and the Internet (the infatuation of my generation), I’d have to say the most compelling aspect of Science Online, for me, is the idea that I am actually going to meet real scientists in the flesh. What I particularly would love to see is actual scientists collaborating on their ideas! It’s so cool! I never actually realized the impact the Internet actually has on today’s scientific community, how it lets scientists from one part of the globe to another share ideas and information in mere seconds. This conference has ‘opportunity’ written all over it, and I can’t wait to come back from this amazing experience to share what I learn!

You’re going to be presenting at the conference. Tell us what you plan to share with the audience. What do you hope the audience shares with you?

Very very very exciting news…that I’ll share at the conference! Also, more stuff on science literacy. The audience? I hope they don’t pound me with questions! I’m sure Mr. Zivkovic is looking for payback from his interview! I’m glossophobic though… so we’ll see what happens.

Who are you excited about meeting at Science Online? What do you hope to get from the experience?

Of course, I’d be thrilled to meet every single person at the conference! It’s going to be awesome, but I am extremely excited to meet some of the scio11′ers that I’ve already been acquainted with via twitter, like Karyn Traphagen and Glendon Mellow and my interviewee Mr. Zivkovic who I’m particularly enthusiastic to meet in person! I’m also eager to meet the other ‘big scio11 guy’ Mr. Anton Zuiker and who wouldn’t be amazed to meet Carl Zimmer? Who knows, from this experience, I’ll probably be transformed into a whole other being, sputtering scientific concepts and technological codes like a wild maniac!? Truthfully, I expect to make many more connections with the scientific community and become more educated than I am currently. This I also expect of my fellow peers that are attending with me, who are equally as excited to go to scio11! In addition, I really want to get a sense of the role lifestyle choices play in your overall health from medical related sessions, like ‘Patient blogging as therapy.’ Even though I am an avid surfer of the internet, I consider myself a noob when it comes to all these new features the web offers like digg and tumblr, and hope to learn not only of new conveniences to my lifestyle but how they impact science! For instance, I have no idea what wordpress is and the Internet’s my generation’s infatuation. That says a lot. I’ve looked through the program of this year’s conference, and I’m particularly looking forward to everything it has to offer! From the fantasy of today’s entertainment to how blogging benefits your career, all I have to say is bring it on!


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