Rap Guide to Evolution

By Ms Baker
To celebrate Darwin Day, today in class we watched Baba Brinkman’s Performance, Feedback, Revision song and began watching the following video:


Did you enjoy the video?  I also reposted the student blog post, “Why you and your iPod must die“, and you can find the Mockingbird conservation post here.

Thumbnail image source: Diamond Geyser

  • Grandmaster901

    Excellent rap Baba, you are the man. Produce more stuff like this and kids will love acquiring knowledge in the way they prefer most.

  • Anonymous

    I found another Baba Brinkman rap video about evolution. Also, here is a website with several more of his videos and information about his performances. http://www.babasword.com/index/rge.html


  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed watching this video in science class and thought that this was an incredibly interesting way to educate young people about evolution-related topics. Sometimes reading in a textbook can be boring for students, but Baba Brinkman’s way of rapping about evolution made it entertaining and educational simultaneously. Brinkman is getting more and more popular today and was even reviewed by the New York Times, who said that Brinkman’s lyrics were “witty, sophisticated, and scientifically accurate.” Check out the review by the New York Times below:


    Also included is an additional video of Baba Brinkman’s rap:


  • Anonymous

    I am highly amused by this video! Like Alice, I agree that this is an interesting and effective method for teaching students about evolution. Rather than using complicated terms and examples to explain this difficult concept, why not find an easier way to explain evolution? And, Baba Brinkman found it. He cleverly blended modern rap music, which appeals to most teenagers, and applied everyday metaphors to break down the complications behind evolution. Here is a direct link to Baba’s website, complete with information, songs, lyrics, show times, and more. Check it out!


  • Anonymous

    Baba Brinkman did an amazing job rapping about evolution. I think that his use of rap is a clever alternative to textbook use and some visual aids. Overall, his scientific facts were accurate and very well read. But, Baba Brinkman does not rap about just science. He also raps about more literary subjects, such as English. He performs his raps, just as in the video at the bottom, at many universities across the world. Included is another review of Brinkman’s performance.

    Rhyme Renaissance at Harvard:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBX_eKDABx0


  • Molly_SIA

    I agree with Alice, and this was really entertaining. I think having a rapper like Baba Brinkman mix in with other artists appreciated by my generation, will really help teenagers and young adults learn about science and evolution in an entertaining and relaxing way. Alice mentioned the NY times article about Brinkman and his accuracy, and that is even a better for his reputation and for the science community trying to reach out to young adults especially those who deeply enjoy rap music and other forms of pop culture. Also, after listening to an interview about the Canterbury Tales, which Brinkman raps about (Alice’s link), he says that young people especially today are very uninterested in older literature and ideas, and through rap people can discover older literature and possibly gain more interest in the history of (for example) the Canterbury Tales or possibly even Evolution and where the idea originated. Overall, Brinkman shared a new view on Evolution and interested me even more in biology!

  • Anonymous

    I hope Baba Brinkman continues to fascinate young adults with more educational & entertaining raps like this! I definitely agree with Grandmaster and Alice, Baba harnesses his skills to motivate people and educate them. He’s a very successful science communicator, you could say. I was very impressed after reading his NY Times review and he apparently has planted about 1 million trees in his lifetime. I checked out his website, http://www.babasword.com, and found a link to a song about tree conservation he was featured in! Check it out here,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk-jifbpcww&feature=player_embedded#at=50 it’s so cool!

  • http://www.rapmonster.com rap

    education and hip hop goes hand in hand… good job

  • Anonymous

    I also enjoyed the video of Baba Brinkman, and sometimes it flowed so smoothly I didn’t notice he was rapping, but I decided to look for more educational raps, and it turns out there’s a channle on youtube called “educationalrap”, I listened to one about memorizing the forty-four presidents, here is the link to the channel:


  • Anonymous

    Wow, this movie was absolutely amazing. My favorite music genre of all time has to be rap. This movie really made an extraordinary connection to really grab the my attention. Usually when i study for a topic i would ready my text book or notes, when i would want to be listening to my Ipod. Baba connects the ideas and now i don’t have to worry because i would be doing both at the same time. Baba has created many other videos such as the rap of the Canterbury Tales, which is also educational.


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