Weekend Update – Valentine’s Day, Darwin Day, & Cladograms

By Ms Baker

Photo source: Dalbot17

This week’s podcast is brought to you by Jess and Molly.  They discuss our Valentine’s Day celebration, Darwin Day celebration, and the beginning part of our cladogram lab.

  • Anonymous

    hey guys cool podcast, very interesting. I am not in the honors class so we didn’t get as far as you guys but we did talk about baba brinkman, and how his raps are all about evolution,: Performance, Feed back, Revision, and how he relates them to people, and their actions. This week we also started a project on making a cladogram gor these fossils, which i found pretty cool. the catigory we made was, If it was a filter feeder or not, because many of the fossils didnt have teeth, but holes. Seeing these fossils also made me think about the enviroment these types of animals would have lived in if they were alive and amazed me how modernday animals evolved from them

  • Deirdre

    Hey guys ! Great podcast, very conversational :) . In the lab you were talking about, my group consisting of me, Aurora, and Molly we decided to make the category of holes or no holes. These fossils we examined were hard to classify on a cladogram because of such differing characteristics, but our class gladly accepted the challenge. It took the entire period for my group come with a well organized cladogram and I’m looking forward to coming up with scenarios why certain fossils gained or lost characteristics. This lab definitely made me realize how difficult it must be for scientists to organize organisms. There can be so many exceptions it must be extremely difficult to organize it all. I was taken by surprise when Ms. Baker compared what we are doing to what Paleontologists do to organize dinosaurs. She brought up the fact that the fossils and bone structures we see of dinosaurs in museums are educated guesses as to what dinosaurs looked like. It’s crazy to think that dinosaurs could’ve looked any different! I’m sure scientists go through very extensive measures to ensure that these “guesses” are as accurate as possible.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Dawood, it was a great podcast, and like you said, and Dawood as well, we’re working on cladograms. In fact, I’m in Dawood’s group, but we thought it would be easy. We. Were. Wrong. There are overlapping traits between species that some in one group have, but another in the same group doesn’t, for example, a whale and a shark both have fins, but the shark has gills and the whale has lungs, further more, whales are mammals, so they’re in a common group with humans, but one lives in water and has fins, the other arms and legs, but both have fingers! You can see how complicated it gets.

  • Anonymous

    Great podcast, Jess and Molly! You guys did a great job keeping it entertaining and interactive!! Although it seems like it happened quite a while ago, I thoroughly enjoyed the videos we watched on Valentine’s Day and on National Darwin Day when we got to see Baba Brinkman rap…but that was almost a month ago! To get touch some more recent things that we covered in class, I also was really challenged by the cladogram lab that we did, as Emilio touched on above. I was in a group with Emily, Monica, and Jessica, and we were all very puzzled when first presented with the fossils that we then had to sort into a cladogram, as Jess and Molly discussed in this podcast. After a whole class period, we finally seemed to work it out, sorting the fossils with the three characteristics given to us by Ms. Baker (teeth/no teeth, material, and type of symmetry), in addition to my group’s characteristic of our selection, which was whether the fossil was transparent, translucent, or opaque. Since this podcast was recorded, each group in our class has even been able to present their own cladograms, with each groups’ being drastically different. Soon we are even going to debate which cladogram we believe best depicts the evolution of the fossils. It’s been a great few weeks in biology!

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